Why is Oral Health Important?

Oral health is an integral part of one’s overall health and that which cannot be denied. It is not an overstatement when someone says – Oral Health can talk a great deal about one’s Overall Health. And although on the outlook, oral health may be defined as taking good care of teeth, gums, and mouth, it is much more than that. Preventing cavities and dental diseases are not the only goals of good oral health, after all. Here’s why your oral health is so important (and why should consider it seriously)

#1 – Many health conditions and ailments show oral symptoms at first 

What’s going on in your mouth can reveal many things going inside of your body. Your oral health can determine the early signs and symptoms of diseases, especially systemic ones. Systemic diseases are the ones that affect and pertain to the whole of your body and not limited to one or two particular organs. Systemic diseases like diabetes or AIDS become apparent through oral problems at first. Thus, paying close attention to your oral health helps you in early diagnosis of such conditions.

#2 – Your mouth is a window to the insides of your body 

One good glance at your mouth and your dentist can reveal how’s the overall health of your body! How healthy your teeth and gums are, what components your saliva contains? All these works as an indicator of what’s happening insides your body, especially stomach, and your entire digestive tract. Good oral health indicates a good and healthy overall body.

#3 – Your mouth can lead to serious infections if not taken care of well

If you’re not a fan of brushing and flossing regularly, you’re in for some serious diseases sooner or later. Unhygienic teeth and gums lead in the development of dental plaque, which is a sticky layer on your teeth. This sticky layer makes a pleasant environment for more bacteria to make a home on your teeth, leading to mouth infections – beginning small, to serious infections if left untreated. The most common types of mouth infection is gingivitis, which can lead to more serious mouth infection called periodontitis. So, it’s better to visit your dentist.

#4 – Your saliva can be a powerful diagnostic tool

That magic juice in your mouth is more than just a liquid mix of chemicals. The components of your saliva can say a lot about your physical and mental health. Yes, mental health too. For instance, cortisol levels in your saliva can determine your stress and anxiety levels. Specific types of cancer markers can also be detected and diagnosed in your saliva. Thus, a regular dental check-up is as essential as it shields you from a variety of other health problems and aids in early diagnosis of serious ailments.

Your oral health thus is not only about brushing and flossing every day. Good oral health routine is incomplete without having specific days on which you see your dentist. Experts recommend that everybody person must see a dentist twice a year, at the least. When are you seeing your dentist?

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